Improve Profitability

Stop Working Longer Hours. Work Better Hours.


Get Off The Hamster Wheel.

There’s a dangerous trend in dentistry today. An insidious thief of your present and even of your future. The trend is this: in order to get more patients in, you’ve gotta be open later hours, when more patients are available.

Hey, seems to make sense – stay open until 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening and you’ll probably fill those appointment hours. The trade off is you’ll be attracting patients who probably can’t help your practice grow.

At R & R Consulting, we won’t guide you down a road you can’t sustain. In fact, we’ll work with you on strategies to create a great practice that provides high-quality dentistry and helps you achieve a better life. We’ll teach you how to avoid trading a great patient experience for just more convenience, and how to work smarter with your time.




Profit Potential

At R & R Consulting, we help practices like yours improve profitability with better systems, behaviors, habits and strategies. The first best step to improving profitability? Let’s talk. An easy, zero hassle one-on-one can help you chart a new path to a more profitable practice.

As a dentist, you can’t get lucky and find a breakaway team. You have to build it. We can show you the way.



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