We provide easy 1,2,3 step training to assist you in maximizing patient count profitability.      

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The R&R training book details step by step easy to follow and learn effective recall  training and reactivation system. This is how you train your staff to become Star Players on your team! Empowering them with knowledge helping them to be engaged and properly trained on a task that is sure to generate your practice revenue.


Wish your staff had the language to effectively convert recalls and reactivate patient in to your practice here is how! with with R&R reactivate and retain keep more get more solutions! 



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We are excited to partner our highly effective recall and reactivation training with an award winning automatic system that is sure to  fill-in your recall openings. Schedule your free performance evaluation today!  



Why Lighthouse 360?

  • Award-Winning: One of Dental Product Shopper’s best-revied.
  • Fill-in messaging to automatically fill last minute cancelled appointments
  • Designed for Dental Practices: We understand what dental offices need to succeed.
  • Recall and reactivation system that is fully customizable
  • 11,000+ Dental Clients: We help thousands of busy practices to thrive nationwide.
  • No Long-Term Contracts: We work hard to earn your business and give you results every month.






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